Unfiled Tax Returns

Do you have unfiled tax returns hanging over your head? We are here to help!

Quite often, catching up with past tax returns can be easier than you might have imagined. Certainly if you owe money on prior tax returns, this can be a difficult hurdle - but we can help you get over that hurdle and get the weight of worry off your back.

Don't wait any longer, as penalties and interest will continue to build up as long as delinquent returns remain unfiled.

As a matter of fact, we often find that clients in this situation end up being entitled to a tax refund instead of owing money -- all the more reason to contact us for help. There is a three year statute of limitations for filing a return to receive a refund - so don't let that timer run out and leave your hard-earned money with the IRS or any state tax agency.

Contact us today for a no-obligation review of your past unfiled tax return requirements.